Baltica Freedom video

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Nature’s forms and shapes inspired the design of this custom door handle. The Freedom contemporary door handle’s sensuous curving shape reflects the motion of an ocean wave and the contours of lush forest leaves. Fluidity of movement is fused into organic unity – allowing one to the feel the pleasure of opening doors while embracing a dynamic sculptural form.

The designer has seamlessly integrated the door handle and its base into a fluid shape which is not only vibrant but also reflects ergonomic research.

Philanthropy: Our passion is original design. We are thankful for the international acclaim which Baltica custom door hardware has received. Baltica is committed to original creative design. In an effort to encourage creativity and authenticity of original design, proceeds from the sale of the Freedom lever will be channeled to interior design, architecture and art scholarships through our ‘Freedom to Create’ initiative. Clients, designers and architects who purchase Freedom levers for their projects will be listed as Patrons of this international initiative.

Baltica Hardware is the finest custom door hardware available today.

Custom door hardware being hand-crafted by master artisans of Baltica Hardware.

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