Luxury door hardware - Davide leaf lever - antique nickel

Trading up to Baltica luxury door hardware

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Our clients do not skimp on quality. They seek the very best and therefore are trading up to Baltica luxury door hardware.

We work with renowned architects and interior designers who select top notch products for their clients. These Trade professionals have earned international recognition for their noteworthy projects. When asked to specify the finest architectural hardware they choose Baltica luxury door hardware.

Bespoke interiors reflect each client’s individuality and aspirations. Door hardware becomes an integral part of the space. The design and texture of each door handle and cabinet pull provide a welcoming tactile experience. Baltica luxury door hardware appeals to the senses of both sight and touch.

Luxury door hardware - Azure door lever - antique nickel

Beautiful design, superb engineering and performance are key elements in providing long term satisfaction to sophisticated clients.

The bestseller book ‘Trading Up’ provides insights into why consumers want new luxury goods and how companies create them. A world-class team of consultants explore how companies create premium brands.

Asta Baskauskaite, the founder of Baltica Hardware had the opportunity to meet Mr. Michael J. Silverstein, the co-author of ‘Trading Up’ in 2005. Their fascinating discussions about luxury goods, new product design and entrepreneurship prompted Mr. Silverstein to feature Baltica luxury door hardware in his subsequent book ‘Treasure Hunt’.

In the book ‘Treasure Hunt’ Mr. Silverstein wrote:

There are the small companies – whose entire annual sales do not equal a big-company executive’s salary – that are building their businesses based upon their observations of consumers and their interpretations of the treasure hunt ideas. Baltica, for example, is a maker of architectural and custom hardware such as door entrance sets, thumblatches, door pulls, knockers, and backplates. Based in Lithuania, the company was founded by Asta Baskauskaite. The company employs fifty craftspeople. “Each of our pieces is a work of art” Asta says proudly. “We use the finest materials and hand cut each piece. We sell primarily by word of mouth” Baltica hardware appeals to the treasure hunter who is looking for a special, unexpected piece that fits her unique value calculus.

Small companies, in fact, have many advantages over their larger competitors when it comes to moving with, or before, the bifurcating market. The primary advantage is found in the person of the entrepreneur, founder, or current leader who is motivated as much by dreams and theories as by financial compensation and share price. Smaller companies also tend to be closer to their customers and are better able to observe and understand shifts in consumer needs and pick up on them earlier than large companies can. And, of course, a small company is generally able to act faster, by converting the idea into a new product or service and getting it into the marketplace before the competitor has called his first steering committee meeting or begun preparing its quarterly ‘new initiatives’ presentation.”

We are thankful to Mr. Michael J. Silverstein for including Baltica luxury door hardware in his book.

Mr. Michael J. Silverstein was a Senior Partner and Managing Director of The Boston Consulting Group. He is now an Operating Executive for The Carlyle Group.