custom pocket door pulls

Custom pocket door pulls for bespoke sliding doors

In Flush pulls by baltica

Baltica creates truly stunning custom pocket door pulls.

Our clients requested that we design custom pocket door pulls, which coordinate with Baltica door hardware. The fine detailing of our luxury door handles is now also available for bespoke pocket doors. Thus a space which has a swinging doors, sliding doors and pocket doors looks fabulous with coordinating handcrafted door handles and custom recessed pulls.

Pocket doors slide into a wall cavity. Therefore design element contours must be modeled into the depth of the custom pocket door pull, so that it could serve as a flush pull.

custom pocket door pulls

Telluride recessed pull

For example, the rope twist design elements of our equestrian inspired Telluride series are featured in the Telluride flush pull. The rope detailing is carved into the depth of the custom pocket door pull.

custom pocket door pulls

custom pocket door pulls

custom pocket door pulls

The raised design element contours of our Sundance backplate P, are carved into the depth of the Sundance recessed pull.

Sundance door handle set

Sundance lever & backplate

custom pocket door pulls

Sundance recessed pull

It is challenging to design recessed pulls, which have exquisite detailing and are also flush with the face of the door. Our Manifesto recessed pull exemplifies a recessed pull with fine detailing.

custom pocket door pulls

Manifesto recessed pull

When designing luxury interiors, designers select custom pocket door pulls which are appropriate to the style of the interior. For example, our Cranwell recessed pulls, with beaded edge detailing, are chosen for traditional, transitional and contemporary interiors.

custom pocket door pulls

Cranwell recessed pull

Whereas our Davide recessed pulls, with elements of Gothic architecture, are usually specified for traditional interiors.

custom pocket door pulls

Davide recessed pull W with privacy turnpiece

The Dalia flush pull is a perfect choice for connoisseurs of Art Nouveau design.

custom pocket door pulls

Dalia recessed pull

We have designed custom pocket door pulls for passage, privacy and locking pocket doors. Clients who seek privacy or locking functions choose recessed pulls with turnpiece and key cylinder configurations. Our pocket door pulls may be installed with quality mortise locks which provide top notch performance and security.

Baltica flush pulls are made-to-order. Thus we can accommodate special requests. We designed our recessed pulls to fit 1-3/4” doors. Yet if clients have doors which are 1-3/8” inch thick, then we can prepare their recessed pulls with a modified depth. We specialize in preparing custom door hardware to meet our client’s needs.

Pocket doors are not new. They were installed in Zen Buddhist temples in Japan years ago. Pocket doors were also common in Victorian era homes to close off sitting rooms and parlors. As architectural tastes changed, pocket doors became less popular. Yet now there has been a resurgence of interest in pocket doors. A typical swinging door requires approximately 10 square feet of space. Whereas pocket doors slide into the wall cavity. Thus they serve as excellent space saving solutions. Swinging doors, when opened, block wall space – pocket doors do not.

Pocket doors are also a way to make two spaces feel like one large space. They allow two spaces to be closed off when privacy is needed. For example, a formal dining area adjacent to a living room with double pocket doors, which may be used to separate the two spaces. The pocket doors slide out of sight when one wishes to enjoy the open space. Baltica custom pocket door pulls provide both beauty and function. Clients select our custom recessed pulls for their master bedroom, bathroom, dressing room and closet doors. They are also an excellent choice for pantry, home office and library doors. We finish the internal edges of Baltica recessed pulls to provide comfort of use for our clients.

Recent improvements in pocket door tracks, runners and rollers make pocket doors virtually noise free. Pocket doors are an ideal solution for wheelchair access areas. They are handicapped accessible allowing wheelchair users full maneuverability.

Pocket doors are here to stay. We invite you to select Baltica handcrafted custom pocket door pulls for your project.

p.s. Pocket doors are not limited to architecture. In 1953-54 Kaiser Motors had pocket doors in their Darrin sports car

Darrin sports car with pocket door

1953-54 Darrin sports car