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Custom Door Hardware Augustus lever & rose

Baltica custom door hardware is handcrafted by master artisans passionate about creating exquisite custom hardware. Our bespoke door handles are chosen for traditional and contemporary projects worldwide.

We offer stunning custom door hardware for clients seeking unique door hardware for their custom residences, resorts, hotels, shops, restaurants, churches and commercial spaces.

Baltica was founded in 1997 with the vision to merge the beauty of custom door hardware with the custom architecture which is being designed by our generation.

The splendor of hand-finished door hardware stands out amid the mass produced product offerings in this fast track world which we live in.

Each one of us is creating history. We can chose to create surroundings with an attention to detail and fine craftsmanship, or to create living spaces which reflect the throw away culture which we live in today. We can choose products which are made-to-order and handcrafted by artisans, or choose mass produced products which are made by machines along assembly lines in immense industrial buildings. The choice is ours.

Our talented designers create custom hardware for homeowners, architects, interior designers and custom millworkers. We bring original designs to life.

Baltica offers custom door hardware which is made in the tradition of old world craftsmanship of a bygone era. Our bespoke architectural hardware is sand cast of the finest bronze, brass and white bronze.

Our headquarters are located in the historic Old Town of Vilnius, Lithuania - which is a United Nations World Heritage site. Being surrounded by magnificent architecture, each day we are inspired to design and create custom hardware, which will stand the test of time.

How will the buildings which we create today and leave behind be evaluated by future generations? The guidelines set forth by the United Nations World Heritage Centre as criteria when selecting World Heritage sites give us food for thought. To be included on the UNESCO World Heritage list, sites must be of outstanding universal value and meet at least one out of ten selection criteria.

Will our buildings represent a masterpiece of human creative genius ? Will they exhibit an important interchange of human values, over a span of time or within a cultural area of the world, on developments in architecture? Will the buildings of our generation  bear a unique or at least exceptional testimony to a cultural tradition ? Will the buildings of today be outstanding example of a type of building or architectural ensemble which illustrates a significant stage in human history ? Will they be an outstanding example of a traditional human settlement, land-use, or sea-use which is representative of a culture or human interaction with the environment especially when it has become vulnerable under the impact of irreversible change ? Will the architecture of our generation be directly or tangibly associated with events or living traditions, with ideas, or with beliefs, with artistic and literary works of outstanding universal significance ?

We believe that if our generation acknowledges the need for fine craftsmanship and embraces original design, then we have an opportunity to create masterpieces which reflect  human creative genius.

While our design and artisan experience is rooted in Europe's rich architectural heritage, our vision has built an international appeal. Heritage and tradition ground us as we move forward to innovate, as we create custom door hardware which is truly distinctive. We strive to translate and create—to combine our passionate vision of bespoke hardware with our clients’ dreams, desires and personalities.

Creating the exquisite custom door hardware is our specialty. Baltica clients seek door and cabinet hardware which is tailored to their specific preferences and lifestyle. Baltica is renowned for timeless designs and luxurious finishes.

Baltica clients are those who seek solutions beyond the ordinary. We offer quality personalized service. Each custom project is directly supervised by a senior project manager. We assist our clients’ projects to run smoothly by seamlessly interfacing with members of the project team - working together with architects, interior designers, builders and engineers.

We work project engineers to incorporate their specific technical requirements regarding the custom door hardware and locks which will be installed within the property.

Telecommunication technology allows us to personally communicate with clients worldwide via international conference calls - connecting clients, architects, designers, engineers, millworkers and Baltica project managers in a timely manner. A typical conference call may link Baltica clients who are aboard their mega yacht sailing in the Mediterranean, with the architect in Dubai, the interior designer in New York and the Baltica project manager in Vilnius.

Our body of work reflects our commitment to create the highest echelon of custom door hardware design. Baltica custom hardware designs have taken classic European decorative hardware many steps beyond historical hardware to accommodate current day lock and building requirements.

Antique hardware is oftentimes unsuitable for current lock requirements. When selecting Baltica door hardware one has access to the finest decorative hardware options in conjunction with high security lock requirements.

Generations which came before us also addressed lock and security concerns. In Roman times the gods of security figured prominently in the Roman pantheon. Securitas was the Roman goddess who personified security. Janus was the god of doors, gates and locks. His symbols were the key and staff, to open doors and to ward off those not entitled to enter. The doors of the Temple of Janus in Rome were closed in times of peace and opened in times of war.

Baltica hand chased door handles are precisely machined to accommodate state-of-the-art high security locks. Baltica custom hardware is prepared for entrance doors, interiors doors, sliding doors, multipoint doors, pocket doors, recessed doors elevator doors, bathroom doors, barn doors and cabinetry doors.

We work with custom mortise lock manufacturers worldwide to accommodate our client's special lock requirements. Custom backset mortise locks may be ordered to work with Baltica custom hardware.

Baltica door levers, door knobs, door pulls, hinge finials, backplates, escutcheons and rosettes are individually machined to match specific project requirements. Large projects oftentimes have different locks being installed in different areas of the property. We prepare the custom door hardware to accommodate the specific door lock and window mechanism requirements of each project.

Our thumblatch entry sets are prepared to fit custom doors which vary in thickness and material. Our custom entrance door hardware is prepared for installation on wood doors, glass doors, pivot doors, metal doors and gates. We prepare bespoke hardware to fit custom door thicknesses.

Baltica custom thumblatch sets are designed for single or double entrance doors. Numerous US Design patents have been issued for our unique thumblatch designs.

Entrances often require a pair of doors. Therefore Baltica thumblatches may be ordered as active or inactive handle sets. We prepare the active door hardware set with an active thumblatch and hinged cylinder lid for the exterior side of the door. The decorative hinged cylinder lid covers the round key cylinder. The interior trim of the active door is usually prepared with a turnpiece and door lever handle or door knob. The inactive door hardware set is prepared with an inactive thumblatch and inactive cylinder lid for the exterior side of the door.  The interior trim of the inactive door usually consists of an inactive door lever or door knob. Side by side thumblatches offer an elegant entrance door ensemble.

Some clients choose  thumblatches for both the exterior and interior of their entrance door. In those instances, the thumblatch is active on both sides of the door and the interior trim of the active door includes a turnpiece.

Baltica thumblatch sets may also be ordered as door pulls without the thumblatch. One may also specify our beautiful thumblatch backplates as push plates. Hotels, restaurants, churches, commercial buildings, libraries and public spaces often require a pull handle on the exterior and a push plate on the interior side of the door.

Baltica offers various decorative trim options for residential and commercial electronic lock applications including card lock trims.  Any Baltica escutcheon can be prepared to meet the specific requirements of the  electronic locking system, which you have selected. We also offer custom decorative plates for keypad entry systems.

Baltica door pulls have been installed in luxury hotels and resorts worldwide. Interior designers specializing in hospitality interiors choose Baltica custom hardware to create truly unique luxury spaces. Our custom door pulls adorn the doors of numerous five star hotels, including Ritz Carlton properties and other renowned hotels. Baltica bespoke door pulls are specified for hotel entrance doors, ballroom doors, presidential suite doors and conference room doors.

Entrance doors have been embellished with beautiful hardware since the era of ancient Egypt.  Our custom door pulls may be ordered in custom lengths. We specialize in creating large door pulls for grand entrance doors. Baltica door pulls may be ordered as individual door pulls, custom door pulls with roses or door pulls with backplate escutcheons.

Baltica has designed large round medallion pulls which may be used for entrance or interior doors. These oversized round pulls may be installed as single pulls or back to back, depending on the project requirements. We have created coordinating decorative bolt covers which may be used with single pull installations. Baltica offers door knobs which coordinate with the large round pull designs.

Architects and interior designers who design churches and temples choose Baltica custom hardware for their properties. Baltica has designed custom door hardware for  numerous religious buildings worldwide including the LDS temples in Lubbock, Texas;  Monterrey, Mexico;  Redlands, California; Rexburg, Idaho and Helsinki, Finland.

Yacht designers specify Baltica luxury door hardware for the magnificent super yachts which they design.

Clients with refined taste choose Baltica custom hardware for their projects.

After carefully listening to a client's requirements we use a combination of our design and artisan skills, plus many years of experience to satisfy that requirement. We firmly believe that it is our ability to translate our client's vision into bespoke custom hardware which provides total satisfaction, both in form and function, which is one of the trademarks of Baltica custom hardware.

The Baltica design team is dedicated to problem solving. Curious by nature, we continuously seek new solutions to our clients' design challenges.

We build relationships with our clients, bringing the owner into the design process as much or as little as they prefer. Many of our clients feel extremely proud that they have contributed in the custom hardware design process. Clients, architects and interior designers find that designing custom door hardware can be truly exciting.

The Manifesto door hardware series was designed by Baltica for a custom residence in Atlanta which was designed by Harrison Design Associates. The clients were seeking truly custom door hardware for their new residence. We worked closely with the project architect, designer and builder to create exquisite custom hardware for this fabulous estate.

Our clients are world travelers. They have explored the continents and high seas. They have toured architectural landmarks and viewed the fabulous door hardware which adorns the doors and gates of landmark properties. Throughout the ages, architects have made an effort to design noteworthy entrance doors for custom villas, estates and castles. Fabulous historical doors remain as a testament to timeless design.

The Baltica design team has many years of experience and an educational background in architecture, art history and interior design. Baltica has been building a reputation for excellence based upon the expert knowledge and scholarship of our design specialists. Collectors of fine art and antiques value the expertise of our designers when seeking door and cabinet hardware which is authentic in design to the period pieces which they collect. Our designs properly reflect elements of different historical periods including Italian Renaissance, Gothic, Georgian, French Renaissance, Louis XIV, French Regency, Baroque, Louis XVI, 18th Century Neoclassical, Art Nouveau, Empire, Art Deco, Bauhaus, Minimalism, and Post Modernism.

We have created exquisite door knockers which are perfect for magnificent entry doors. Our door knockers coordinate with our unique entry door hardware and custom thumblatch entry sets. Baltica door knockers are available in a range of finishes including polished brass, satin brass, antique brass, polished bronze, satin bronze, antique bronze, white bronze, polished nickel, satin nickel, antique nickel, gold plated and PVD finishes.

We have designed door bell buttons which coordinate with Baltica door knockers and entrance door hardware. Baltica door bell buttons are engineered to work with 110 volt US to 250 volt electrical installations.

Baltica offers hinge finials in several different sizes which are suitable for use with entrance door hinges or interior door hinges. While we do not manufacture hinges, we do make hinge finials which coordinate with our custom door hardware designs. Baltica hinge finials are threaded and prepared to match the client's hinge thread specifications.  Baltica custom hinge finials are specially-designed to thread into the top and bottom of the hinge barrel.

We have designed beautiful custom hardware for multi-point doors. Baltica multi point door hardware coordinates with our custom door hardware designs. Our multi-point hardware is available as passage, privacy, patio and locking trim. Since Baltica hardware is made-to-order, we machine the hardware for each order on an individual basis accommodating the multipoint lock specifications provided. Custom thru-bolt assemblies and privacy spindles are prepared to fit various door thickness requirements. Baltica custom multipoint lock trim may be ordered with use with profile or US key cylinders. We accommodate US and European multi-point lock mechanisms.

Baltica offers a wide range of interior door hardware options.

Monogrammed door knobs may be ordered with the client's custom monogram, logo or crest. Our designers have created unique single and multiple initial custom monograms.  

Clients may choose door handles with rosettes or back plate escutcheons. Baltica custom escutcheons are available in different widths and lengths. Tall doors may require long escutcheons. Narrow backset doors usually require narrow width escutcheons. We offer backplates in custom widths and lengths to meet project requirements.

Since Baltica custom door hardware is made to order, we machine the escutcheons to accommodate each client's mortise lock requirements. The center to center hub distance differs among brands of mortise locks. When preparing custom door hardware we follow the specifications for each specific lock. Clients usually prefer that the height of their door handles remains the same throughout the property. Therefore we coordinate the machining of the escutcheons so that the lever position, from the floor to the lever hub, would be the same on all doors - no matter what lock brand is installed. This oftentimes requires coordinating US, UK and European lock specifications within the same project.

Baltica escutcheons may also be prepared as custom push plates. We offer wide back plate escutcheons which are the perfect choice for use a push plates. Clients may specify a custom door pull for one side of the door and a custom push plate for the other side. The combination of a push pull and custom door pull are often selected for pivoting kitchen doors.

Baltica door handles and door knobs may be also be installed with coordinating decorative rosettes. We offer door roses of various diameters. Some clients may prefer smaller diameter rosettes for a more understated elegant appearance. Whereas other clients may require larger diameter roses since they have pre-bored doors. Baltica has designed door roses which retrofit passage and privacy adaptors which are often installed in pre-bored doors.

Baltica has designed custom door roses in smaller sizes for use with privacy turnpieces.  These smaller diameter roses coordinate with the larger door roses. Privacy roses may also be prepared with hinged egress lids. Clients often request door handle sets with a privacy turnpiece on the interior side of the door and an emergency egress lid on the exterior side of the door. Privacy door handles may also be ordered in split finishes. For example, a client may choose one finish for the hallway side of the door and a different finish for the interior side of the door - especially in an effort to match the finish of their plumbing fixtures.

We also offer a roseless trim option. Baltica engineers have developed a special custom adaptor which allows door handles, door levers and door knobs to be installed without an escutcheon or rosette. The Baltica roseless trim option is the perfect choice for use with our contemporary door handle designs. It provides a sleek appearance as the door lever seamlessly merges with the surface of the door.

Custom offset pulls were added to the Baltica custom hardware project offering at the request of clients who were seeking sliding door pulls to coordinate with their custom door hardware. We have designed beautiful offset pulls which match Baltica door hardware designs. Our offset pulls are available as passage or privacy pulls.

Our unique flush pulls and recessed pulls for pocket doors, sliding doors and sliding barn doors were created at the request of clients seeking flush pulls which matched the Baltica door hardware which they had selected. Baltica recessed pulls are an elegant choice for pocket door hardware. We offer traditional, transitional and contemporary designs of flush pulls.

Baltica has designed recessed pulls with turnpieces which provide a privacy function. Our flush pulls may also be prepared for key cylinders when one is in need of a locking pocket door. These privacy and locking recessed pulls may be installed with quality brand mortise locks offering beautiful decorative hardware combined with long lasting durable performance and security.

We have designed beautiful bespoke cremone bolts and surface bolts. Cremone bolts are the decorative hardware which is installed on patio doors and French doors. Rotation of  the door handle slides the vertical cremone rods in opposite directions towards the top and bottom of the door. The rods are then engaged into strike plates which are installed in the door frame. 

Baltica cremone rods may be ordered in custom lengths - both as active cremone bolts and inactive cremone bolts. The quantity of middle guides required is determined by the door height. Clients who chose cremone bolts for a pair of doors, order an active cremone for the active door and an inactive cremone for the inactive door. Coordinating door hardware is selected for the exterior side of the doors. We offer mortise strike plates and decorative strike plates which may be installed into the door frame.

Clients who are installing multi-point locks may choose decorative cremone bolts which are inactive. The center section of these cremone bolts is extended in length to accomodate the multi-point lock door handle hub and key cylinder. When viewing doors with this type of cremone bolt installation, it appears that a traditional cremone bolt has been installed. Yet instead these cremones are the decorative trim of a multi-point lock installation.

Baltica offers surface bolts which coordinate with the design of our luxury cremone bolts and custom door hardware. These surface bolts may be ordered in custom lengths. They are crafted of solid brass or bronze and are precisely machined.

Attention to detail is our forte. At the request of our clients, we designed door stops which coordinate with our custom door hardware. Baltica door stops provide a decorative solution and durable functionality. They may be ordered in custom lengths with attachment bolts for various flooring options.  We also offer wall mounted door stop designs.

We have designed custom decorative switch plates, outlet covers, cable covers and specialty covers which coordinate with Baltica door hardware designs. Clients may choose from an assortment of configurations including light switch covers for rocker switches, toggle switches or combination switches. We also offer wall plates for different functions, including ports for phone, computer, coaxial and audio/visual cables.

Baltica has created beautiful cabinet hardware which coordinates with our bespoke door handles. Baltica cabinet hardware is the preferred choice for specialized fitted furniture and cabinetry in statement rooms and kitchens of the most exclusive residences worldwide.

We offer elegant cabinet knobs in a variety of shapes and sizes. They may be ordered with or without rosettes. Baltica cabinet pulls may be ordered in custom lengths and sizes to fit custom cabinetry and millwork requirements. Our custom cabinet pulls are designed for the various drawer sizes in custom kitchens.

Baltica has also designed custom appliance pulls and long door handles for built-in refrigerators and appliances. These pulls may  be ordered in custom sizes to meet custom millwork specifications.

Our bespoke cabinet hardware is handcrafted with attention to detail. Each piece is signed by the master artisan who prepared the exquisite custom handle.

After many years of focusing exclusively on creating traditional custom hardware designs, in 2014 Baltica introduced unique contemporary hardware designs - opening a new chapter in the history of our company.

Our clients requested that we embark on the design of contemporary door hardware. Baltica contemporary designs emphasize comfortable, uncomplicated elegance.

We have an enormous zest to create the finest original contemporary custom hardware.

The highly talented master artisans of Baltica share a true commitment for authenticity and fine craftsmanship.  Thanks to their exceptional know-how, excellence is the standard at Baltica.

We agree with Oscar de la Renta “There is always an emotional element to anything that you make.”

The designers and master artisans of Baltica are passionate about creating exquisite custom door hardware. We strive to make beautiful door and cabinet handles which our clients will enjoy touching, grasping and seeing each and every day.


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